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The development of Virginia Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network (VA WARN) is in furtherance of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan and in particular the Sector Specific Plan developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the Water Sector. The national Sector Specific Plan identifies actions to ensure a resilient water and wastewater infrastructure. The Committee shall develop and promote a Virginia Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network.

The Committee has created a downloadable summary and complete information is available at the VA WARN Website.


The VA WARN Committee will be limited to fifteen (15) Members. Selection of the Committee members would be recommended by the WARN Chair and approved by the VA AWWA Chair and VWEA President.  Each Member will be appointed to a term of three years and may be re-appointed or removed by the VA AWWA Chair and VWEA President. Terms shall be staggered and limited to two consecutive terms with at least one year off the Committee before serving another term.

Leadership of the VA WARN Committee will consist of a Chair and Vice Chair appointed by the Boards of VA AWWA and VWEA from among the Members of the Committee, such positions to alternate between VA AWWA and VWEA.  

More than one-half of the number of Members presently comprising the Committee and entitled to vote will constitute a quorum for the transac¬tion of business at a meeting.  If a quorum is present when a vote is taken, the affirmative vote of a majority of the Members present is the act of the Committee. 

The Chair of the Committee may appoint ex-officio Affiliate Members (non-voting) to represent the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, the Virginia Department of Health, the Virginia Rural Water Association, and others, as appropriate. 


A. To organize VA WARN for facilitating the provision of emergency assistance by and among Virginia water and wastewater Utilities;

B. To manage the finances of VA WARN based on the annual budgets approved by VA AWWA and VWEA in a manner consistent with the VA AWWA/VWEA Liaison Task Force’s Implementation Plan for Joint Activities/Committees (the “Implementation

C. To develop a form of Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA), including as appropriate Event Agreements and Standard Terms and Conditions, to be available for use by and between individual members of VA WARN in their discretion;  

D. To promote Utility membership in VA WARN;

E. To develop and maintain a VA WARN web site;

F. To coordinate with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management in the development and maintenance of planning and operating procedures for VA WARN that are compatible with the National Incident Management System and effectively integrated with other statewide mutual aid programs;

G. To communicate with Utilities regarding the administration and operation of VA WARN and respond to requests for information;

H. To establish subcommittees as needed and to approve activities and otherwise provide oversight of such subcommittees; and

I. To establish relationships with other organizations where consistent with the purpose of VA WARN to do so.

The VA WARN Committee will not serve as an intermediary for arranging or delivering mutual aid or processing reimbursements for the same.  Such efforts will only be conducted by and between individual Utilities that choose to give or receive aid.  In addition, the VA WARN Committee will not guarantee that the Committee or any of its resources, including but not limited to the VA WARN web site, will be available at all times.


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