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Water Reach

The mission of the Water Reach Committee is to ensure safe drinking water and proper sanitation to communities throughout Virginia.  The Committee volunteers include utility directors, engineers, operators, groundwater specialists, permit specialists, professors, students and others who are dedicated to this mission.

*Funding raised by the Water Reach Committee is used to support development projects in Virginia.

Water Reach Committee Activities in Virginia

Past Projects

Tangier Island:  Located in the Chesapeake Bay, the island has a dwindling population of about 600 people.  Over the past decade, the committee has assisted the Town of Tangier in obtaining a grant to assess water and wastewater needs and has provided the town with technical assistance in grants management, project management, and contract administration.  Currently, under the leadership of the project champion, Ken Fanfoni, the committee is assisting the Town with a myriad of tasks including the operation of a problematic sludge press and aiding in the Solid Waste Permit application process.

Mineral Virginia:  The town is located near Lake Anna approximately 40 miles northwest of Richmond with a population of just over 400 people.  The sanitary sewer system includes approximately 85 manholes, 18,400 linear feet of sanitary sewer and 2 pump stations.  The sewer system is experiencing heavy inflow and infiltration (I/I) during rainfall events and this is leading to high monthly sewer treatment bills and potential capacity issues.  Under the leadership of the project champion, Jeff Kapinos, the committee has provided technical advice and secured an acoustic inspection of the Mineral sewer system.  Currently, the town has hired a consultant toassist them in solving their I/I issues.  The committee will continue to serve as a technical representative for the community.

If you have any interest in participating in the committee or know of a community in need of assistance, please contact Joseph Brown.

How can you help?

The committee does not provide design services but can help in many different ways: 

  • Search for funding to support construction / inspection efforts
  •  Fundraise for smaller efforts; We host a silent auction every year at WaterJAM.
  •  Act as owner agent for the communities
  •  Provide technical guidance
  •  Assist with permit applications
  •  Hands-on work (e.g. minor equipment issues, etc.)


2012 Trip to Tangier Island


Aerial View of Tangier Island



Joseph Brown
Southeast RCAP, Inc.
347 Campbell Ave SW
Roanoke VA, 24016
Office: 5403451184

Past Chair

Noelle Slater
295 Bendix Road
Suite 240
Virginia Beach VA, 23452
Office: 757-419-3974
Mobile: 757-879-6279


Michele Siminari
Fairfax Water
1295 Fred Morin Rd
Herndon VA, 20170
Office: 703.289.6568