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Do You Want to Advertise for an Upcoming Event? Well, the VAAWWA Publication Committee has an Idea for you... Submit Your Information to wE-SPLASH

Wow to Submit Your Information:

(250 words or less)

Go to the VA AWWA website ( www.vaawwa.org )

  • On the banner at the top of the page, hover over the menu for "Get Involved"
  • Click on "Publication Submission"
  • Scroll to bottom of page where the "Submission Form" is located
  • Provide a title for your announcement or photo to be uploaded
  • Under VA AWWA Group, choose your Committee Name
  • Under Publication Type, choose "Newsletter"
  • When "Newsletter" is chosen, "Edition" will then appear
  • Choose the Month
  • For Year, type "2013"
  • Click Upload files and click on your file(s) to upload
  • Fill out contact information
  • Type in complete Security Code (It’s usually two words…separate the two words with one space)
  • Click on Submit Publication


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