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The following videotapes may be borrowed from VA AWWA. The return date for this material is negotiated on an individual basis with the borrower. There is a $10.00 handling charge per videotape. If you are interested in borrowing from the Video Library, please contact:

Geneva Hudgins
P. O. Box 11992
Lynchburg, VA 24506-1992

p. 434.386.3190
f.  434.386.3192
e. geneva.hudgins@vaawwa.org

The following video resources are available:

Title Source/Producer
From the River to the Tap VA AWWA/VA Water Resources (VHS or slide/cassette)
Is it Safe to Drink? AWWA
What Do You Know About H2O? AWWA
Always Pure - Never Runs Dry AWWA
Big Fears, Little Risk AWWA
The Water Supply Challenge: A Cooperative Effort AWWA Research Foundation
In Search of Excellence Nathan Tyler Productions, Inc.
How to Give Exceptional Customer Service (Vol 1-3) Lisa Ford
Safety in Confined Spaces AWWA
Planning for Emergencies AWWA
Chlorine Safety AWWA
Power and Hand Tool Safety Tel-A-Train
Dripnet NYC Dept of Environmental Protection
Customer Service for Water Utilities AWWA
Customer Service for Water Utilities (Teleconference) AWWA
Do It Right with Lou Holtz n/a
Privatization (Teleconference) AWWA
Introduction to QualServe AWWA
Handling Negative Emotions in the Workplace Ben Bissell
Pitfalls to Avoid in Dealing with Difficult People Ben Bissell
Team Building Ben Bissell
Managing Stress Ben Bissell
How to Comply with USEPA's Risk Management Program Rule (Teleconference)      AWWA
The World in a Box Opticus Corp.
In the Trenches AWWA
Liquid Assets - The Story of Our Water Infrastructure AWWA
Water - Conservation Communications Guide AWWA
Water Infrastructure Security Enhancements AWWA
Modern Marvels: Water The History Channel
Modern Marvels: Sewers The History Channel
Safety First: Elevated Surfaces & Fall Protection AWWA
Only Tap Water Delivers (3 copies) AWWA
The History of AWWA AWWA
A Century of Safe Drinking Water AWWA
The Basics of Waterborne Pathogens AWWA
The Educated Consumer: Communicating with and Involving the Public in Drinking Water Issues - Nov 97 (Tapes 1 & 2) AWWA
Operations and Maintenance: Tools and Techniques to Protect Water Quality in the Distribution System - March 99 (Tapes 1 & 2) AWWA
Alternative Disinfectants: Choices for the Future - March 01 (Tapes 1 & 2) AWWA
Taste and Odor in Drinking Water:   Operational Tools and Techniques for Identification and Control - March 00 (Tapes 1 & 2) AWWA
The New Disinfection By-Product and Surface Water Treatment Rules: Operational Issues and Strategies - Nov 99 (Tapes 1 & 2) AWWA
Maintaining Water Quality in the Distribution System - March 1998 (Tapes 1 & 2) AWWA
SDWA Reauthorization: Charting a Course to the Next Decade - July 97 (Tapes 1 & 2) AWWA
Customer Service Teleconference (Reels 1-3) AWWA